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Successfullymanaging an ERP implementation from the vendor and customer side takes  years of experience both from understanding the business needs and processes as well as technical possibilities and limitations.


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Our Mission

Consistently provide simple solutions with a good fit and high quality. 

Our Vision

Grow Serenergy through continous customer satisfaction

Our Values

  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Strive to make our customers stronger
  • Honest and open communication
  • Provide the right knowledge

Our Culture

The Serenergy culture is one of hard work joined with a great deal of fun, one that truly cares for our customers and the team. It is a culture that values and respects openness, sincerity, integrity and ethical behavior; it also strongly promotes friendliness and teamwork.

Serenergy attracts individuals from all walks of life and provides a fundamental personal connectivity for our people across the organization. The Serenergy culture has been, and will continue to be the one constant for our people as the Company grows, changes and moves forward.